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Hi!! Thanks for looking at our blog! I created this blog for all of our family and friends to see our new updates! We hope everyone enjoys this as much as we do!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Through the Holidays!!!

Hi Everyone,
Well I just thought that I would update everyone! We spent Thanksgiving in St. George, Utah we had a fun time spending it with Amy's family. Amy lives all year just to be able to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving. We sure had a fun time, it is nice to go shopping with the girls! Then we got back on the road. Amy's birthday was on Dec. 9th, and we were in Ohio for her birthday. We had a really good time, Mike took me to dinner at the Lone star Steakhouse and it was very delicious. I told Mike I wasn't going to have a birthday this year but he doesn't listen very well!!! So now we are very excited to go home next week. It will be nice to spend sometime in our house! And of course my scrapbook room misses me!!! We hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! And have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Mike & Amy

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Holidays!!!!

Hi Everyone,
Well we just thought we would update on what we are up to. We hope everyone is getting ready for the Holidays! We are back to driving on the road, just trying not to get stuck in the snow! We are going to St. George, Utah for Thanksgiving and we are going home for Christmas! So we are very much looking forward to the Holidays! We hope to see everyone soon!

Mike and Amy

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Twilight Series!

HI Everyone!
Ok Kim finally talked me into reading the Twilight series and im so glad she did! Everyday I can't wait to be done driving just so i can read my book!!! It is so good you won't want to put it down! But im about half way through the first book so hopefully i can get them read before the movie comes out! Anyway if you haven't read them you really should it is so good! Ok everyone, im now finished with the first book which is Twilight, the second one is called A New Moon, so im about half way through the second book! It is so awesome! I love it! OK I am now done with the second book New Moon, I am now onto Eclipse the 3rd book it is getting better by the second! I love it!

Thanks Kim for being a great friend!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Gary Allan Concert!!!!

Hi Everybody,
Well just thought we would update everyone! We are now back on the road driving but we are really looking forward to it because we get to travel the country and get paid for it!! But yesterday we came home and went to the Gary Allan Concert, it was really fun! Actually it was a freaking blast, we had so much fun the last time we saw him was back in 2004 at the House of Blues in Las Vegas, nothing could beat that but it was really good! We really love him he is a very good entertainer! It was so much fun to have that music so loud that we felt like we were deaf! :) During his concerts he uses his guitar picks and then throws them out to the audience, so he did and mike got one for me it was so awesome! We took some pictures but they are not very good because they wouldn't let you bring camera's so we had to improvise with the cell phone! So we hope everyone likes the pictures! Ok Everyone I finally added the Gary Allan Pictures so scroll to the bottom to view the slideshow! Thanks for Lookin!

Monday, September 22, 2008

First Day of Fall!!!!

HI Everyone,
Well it is now officially the first day of fall, but if you were down here in South Texas you would not know it! It is 91 degrees outside and the trees are still all green! Well we are getting everything together to go back out on the road. We are very much excited though because it gives us a chance to be able to go and spend time with the rest of our family! Plus we love to go all over the country, My favorite place is to drive over in Tennessee they have the most beautiful canyons. I hope everyone is ready for the Holidays because I am. I love the Holiday time, plus I get to look forward to getting 1 more year older! HAHA Not really!!! But anyways I hope everyone has a great Holiday Season this year. I will not be blogging as much as I have been with being on the road. Mike drives the night shift and I drive the day shift but it works out pretty well!! We will be staying home this year for Christmas, and we look forward to our visit to Amy's family soon.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our Spare Bathroom!!!

Hi Everyone,
Well I just thought I would take some pictures of our spare bathroom I have been working on it the last few months! I still have to get a red shower curtain! But i thought i would share with everyone the progress so far. Anyways I hope everyone is doing well, we are doing good. We have decided to go back out on the road so we can save some money, before we start our family! Anyways I hope you like them..... ok im going to put some before and after pictures....





Monday, September 15, 2008

Did Ya Know Tag!!!

Did You Know........

Did you know tag…
My favorite color is...Pink
My favorite dessert is...Ice Cream
My favorite Sunday CD is...I don't really have any just listen to my I-tunes, mostly country.
My favorite anytime CD right now is...What is ever on my playlist....
My favorite show is...Army Wives, DIY, anything to give me ideas on my house!
My favorite place to be is...Cuddling with Mike....
My favorite time of day is...Daytime...
My favorite holiday is...Christmas and Valentine's Day!!!
My least favorite thing to do is...Clean house
My least favorite thing to wear is...Tennis Shoes I hate them!!!
My least favorite place to be is...Home alone
My secret obsession right now is...Shopping for anything....
I miss my family!!!!
I have been terrible at keeping in touch with...Way old friends from High School ( the ones that I wasn't really close to but close enough that I should keep in touch.)
I have not seen.. Very many movies at all just watch TV.
I have the sweetest...Husband.
At night I...get on the computer then I spend time with my husband & the puppies.
I hate...mustard
I look forward to the day that I will...Get to reflect on the children I have raised and see them raise their own..... retirement baby!!!
I can't wait to be a mom!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Padre Island Beach

Hi Everybody,

Ok here is the scoop, for everybody that has been watching the Weather Channel. Hurricane Ike has went just north east of Corpus Christi, Tx. Houston and Galveston is going to get the most of it. We will get a lot of wind and rain but that is about it thank goodness. But most of you who know Mike know how he has to explore everything so today we had to go to town, so mike says "Hey you want to go down to the beach" and Amy says sure? What was I thinking!!! Oh My goodness....

So we went down to Padre Island and it wasn't to bad until we get down there to Mustang Island and it was a lot of tides were coming in, most of the roads were closed down to the beach. So we saw a Tahoe go around the road closed sign so Amy says follow them.... So we go down a ways and just park and walk down to the beach and a BIG TIDE comes in and Mike was walking up on top of a mound and he thought Amy was right behind him and that water came up so fast that it swept Amy right up under her feet and i fell and i called for Mike. SO mike came running down there to rescue me....

So I guess you could say I went for a swim! So then we took some pictures and then we came home but it was pretty fun! So here are some pictures for you guys so you can see what Padre Island looks like.... We hope you guys enjoy the pictures.......


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Hello everyone, well everyone has been calling to see if we are ok. But it looks like Ike will be heading North of us so we will just get a lot of rain and wind. We feel like we will be fine just going to stock up on some food and supplies in case we lose power. It should hit us by tomorrow and Saturday. Hopefully it will only be a Cat 3. So im sure we will be stuck home all weekend I will keep everyone informed in case you can't reach us I will call don't worry as soon as the phone lines are not busy. If we have power I will update everyone on Saturday. Thanks for all the prayers.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This new blog

Hi Everyone well I just wanted to let everyone know that im having fun with this new blogging. It is really nice to be able to add pictures so everyone can see what we have been up to. Nothing much down here is going on we are just going to keep a close on this storm Hurricane Ike to see what we are going to do, it is out by Cuba right now but it is supposed to hit between Corpus Christi and Brownsville. So we will see what is going to happen I will keep everyone updated.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sunday, Sept. 7, 2008

Hi Everyone, I have just been playing around with this new Blog stuff. If you have a blog and would like me to add it to my page just send me a message. Thanks for looking and please sign my guestbook.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday, Sept. 7, 2008

Hi Everyone, well this week has been pretty busy. We have been working outside trying to get our yard to look good. We have been diggin up trees and bushes, and we also bought some flowers to plant. It has taken us a few days but we have got a lot of progress done. If you don't do it early in the morning it get's way too hot in the afternoon it has been 100 degrees with the humidity, someday I don't know why I even bother taking a shower because all you need to do is go outside for about 10 minutes and you will be wiping the sweat off your brow. But anyways, here are some pictures of our yard, im new at this but i will try to post some before and after. Also on Friday was Mike's Birthday and im always trying to sneak around him to try to surprise him. So i have been planning all week to have a little get together for his birthday it was really fun. We had his extended family over so it was fun. Amy got him the new Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock for our Nintendo WII, his mom bought him a new Weed Eater it is a 4 cycle gas trimmer so you don't have to mix the oil and gas. It is very nice, Tad and Cindy gave him a $25 Chili gift card, Steve and Cecil gave him a Craftsman Scrollsaw it is very nice, Pat and Boots gave him some treatment for our truck. So it turned out very nice and I made dinner for everybody and we had cake and ice cream. It was a very wonderful day. So I hope everyone enjoys the pictures.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Welcome to the Holt Family Blog. This is my Aunt Amy and Uncle Mike's Blog. We really like seeing pictures of them, hopefully with them having this blog we can see more pictures. Thank you to my momma for doing this blog for them. We love you Aunt Amy, Uncle Mike, Dutches, Piglet, and Princess. Come and see us soon.