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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Make it and Love it!!!

Are you ready to peek into another fabulous shop?

One that's full of color, vibrancy, and seriously adorable items?

Jen from Baby Blvd., is a mom to 2 children, with a mind full of creative ideas. She loves sharing each and every one and best of all, at really affordable prices. Oh, and one of her specialties is custom orders.......so if you don't see the exact item or color option, just let her know and she'll work with you. Love that!

Let's just take a peek.....

At Baby Blvd., there are Bows and Accessories found here, to really brighten up any outfit. Check out these Butterfly Clips. Oh so sweet. Okay, and I especially love these headbands on her site. Perfectly designed with a tie in the back. And you've got to check out these scripture covers and totes found here.

How to enter?

Go to http://makeitandloveit.blogspot.com

Friday, January 22, 2010

My great deal!

Hi Everyone,
Ok I have to tell you about my special deal that i got. I have been following Freebies2deals.com and Melea really inspires me to save money! She is awesome she tells everyone about the good deals you can find! So this is what i bought with all my coupons! Ok so I bought all this for 4.60, yes you are not blind! Ok first I will tell you what coupons I had. Buy a Meaty bone and get free biscuits, 1.00 off Pup-eroni sticks, 1.00 off Tiny T-Bonz, 2 coupons 2.00 off Milk Bone Chewy Treats, 2.00 off Clean & Clear product, 1.00 off Jumbone. The biscuits had a coupon on them for free canine carry outs. Then I had a coupon for a 10.00 Gift Card with new prescription, so after i used my gift card it only cost me 4.60. Then I went to Home Depot and we are trying to get our house ready to put it on the market to sell. So I always go look at their mistinted paint to see what they have and they had a gallon of Exterior Tan for only 5.00, I was so excited! Because we are painting the outside 4x4 posts tan and then we are going to build railing to go around our patio. I was so happy! I'm looking very forward to trying to use as many coupons this year as I can! Thanks for reading!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Freebies 2 Deals

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to share this website with everyone I love this site! Melea is awesome everyday she posts all these freebies and awesome deals! Check it out!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas 2009

Hi Everyone,
This year we had a very nice Christmas, we were able to stay home this Holiday Season it was very nice to be able to spend the Holidays at home. Amy cooked a big Thanksgiving Feast and we invited the LDS Missionaries over for Dinner. We were very thankful for everything that we have been blessed with in 2009. Christmas we spent at home with Mike's mom and then on Christmas night we left to go to Utah to spend the Holiday's and New Year's with Amy's family. It was a long drive but we made it there in just about 26 hours. Heck we are truck drivers we should be able to drive that in a breeze! But it is a little different driving in a little truck than a big truck! We sure did have a lot of fun though, Mike and I loved spending time with our nieces and nephew. We drove up to Cedar City one day so we could see the snow and let Daisy go play in the snow, there wasn't too much snow but a little bit! It was sure fun she loved it! For New Year's we went down to Las Vegas and went and saw Gary Allan at the House of Blues in the Mandalay Bay.
It was pretty fun there was a lot of people there! We left the concert right at when he did the encore so we weren't stuck in the traffic all night.We got back to my Mom's about 04:30 dark in the morning, but it was worth it we were pretty tired though. We stayed at Amy's Mom's for 9 days it was a lot of fun. We were able to help her out so we were thankful for that, we put her Christmas away for her cause she has to haul it out to the garage which is a lot of work. She was sick for Christmas so we were glad we were there to help her. We sure did enjoy our visit though! Here are some pictures of our visit! Hope everyone enjoys the pictures!