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Friday, January 22, 2010

My great deal!

Hi Everyone,
Ok I have to tell you about my special deal that i got. I have been following Freebies2deals.com and Melea really inspires me to save money! She is awesome she tells everyone about the good deals you can find! So this is what i bought with all my coupons! Ok so I bought all this for 4.60, yes you are not blind! Ok first I will tell you what coupons I had. Buy a Meaty bone and get free biscuits, 1.00 off Pup-eroni sticks, 1.00 off Tiny T-Bonz, 2 coupons 2.00 off Milk Bone Chewy Treats, 2.00 off Clean & Clear product, 1.00 off Jumbone. The biscuits had a coupon on them for free canine carry outs. Then I had a coupon for a 10.00 Gift Card with new prescription, so after i used my gift card it only cost me 4.60. Then I went to Home Depot and we are trying to get our house ready to put it on the market to sell. So I always go look at their mistinted paint to see what they have and they had a gallon of Exterior Tan for only 5.00, I was so excited! Because we are painting the outside 4x4 posts tan and then we are going to build railing to go around our patio. I was so happy! I'm looking very forward to trying to use as many coupons this year as I can! Thanks for reading!

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Bob and Cherlelynn Bednar said...

What great deals! You're such an awesome shopper! I'm so jealous-Way to be