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Hi!! Thanks for looking at our blog! I created this blog for all of our family and friends to see our new updates! We hope everyone enjoys this as much as we do!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Updates! Updates! Updates!!!

Hello Everyone,
Wow!! Where do I start? It has been a crazy year already!!! So Mike got a job in February, Ever since then he has been working his little tail off! They usually work anywhere between 15-24 hours a day. He has been working so hard! I am so proud of him, he has a really good job. He works in the oilfield industry, they transport Trucks from one site to another around south texas mostly. When he first started working I was very depressed and sad, I would wake up by myself and go to bed by myself. It was not fun at all I was so lonely for his love. And when he was home he was so tired he would need to get his rest. So thankfully we got through that part of our life. So as the time as went on, Mike's mom's health wasn't doing very well she was having a lot of seizures so we decided that we would let her move back in with us, it was nice to have someone else to talk to while Mike wasn't here. Then we planted some flowers and our palm tree so there are some pictures. So then one night I was really really depressed so I went over and talked to my friend Bonita, I was so thankful that she was all listening ears. I really needed someone to talk to and she was there for me. Bonita and I have become good friends. She owns a retail store in Sinton, and has lots of different cute things. So one day she is like Amy you should open a store like this because you are so crafty. So it has been sitting in the back of my mind for a while. So one day I decided to start looking in Mathis for a rental building. i found a couple but they were pretty run down and we didn't have the money to fix them up. So then I found a building for rent right off main street but it was behind another retail shoppe that was similar to the one we are going to have. So after a few days we decided that was just not the place for us. We decided to tell them it was better for everyone if we looked for somewhere else. So the next day Mike and I went to town to see if we could find another building, and there it was.... Just waiting for US! So we went to the City to find out who owned it. Then we gave her a call but she was out of town and wouldn't be back until the next day. So the next day I got ready and I was so nervous about talking to her because the City had told us a lot of people wanted to rent it but she wanted to use it for storage. So i went and talked to her and she had just made a sign to put it for rent. So I was so excited and it was April Fool's Day, so I called Mike and told him that I went up there and talked to her but she told me it was just for storage. He's like oh man, and then I told him APRIL FOOL'S DAY!!!! LOL!! So then I told him that we got the building and we were so excited!!! So this was on Friday, and she was closed until Tuesday, so we went back on Tuesday to give her our money and sign the lease. She is such a nice lady! She is 82 years old and you would never know it. We are so thankful to have this building and we know that it was the Lord's work in how we got it. So ever since then we have been working hard to be able to save some money, and be able to get this Business going and I owe it all to my ever loving WONDERFUL husband! So our shoppe is going to be a consignment where people that make homemade items will be able to put them in our store for a small rent and commission. We have quite a few people bringing things in our store so we are very excited. We will have things such as, Candles, Jewelry, Watches, Tutu's, Hairbows, Flower Clips, Tutu Dresses, Dog treats, aprons, hand appliqued pillowcases, hooded baby towels, washcloths with burp cloths, Melissa and Doug toys, Pillowcase dresses, baby shoes, whippy dips, kitchen accessories, yellow box shoes, and then once we start making money we are going to get some clothes and more things. So i have been working really hard to get some displays together. So today i started painting and putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls and then we painted one wall yellow and the front of the countertop is going to be yellow. I love it already so i will be posting more pictures as we are progressing i have only one week from tommorrow! YIKES! I better get back to work! Sorry ya'll this is so long! I will try to update more often!

Mike and Amy

Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Hi Everyone,

Well we sure did have a good year in 2010. I can't believe it is already 2011~~ This year in June we will have been married for 10 years. I remember when my brother had been married for 10 years and im like *WOW* that is a LONG time! LOL! Now that im getting older and wiser!!! LOL!!! I realize that your 30's isn't that old at all! We are just beginning our life, hopefully pretty soon we can think about starting our family. We know that when the time is right the Lord will sent us our gift that is waiting in heaven. Im going to attach some pictures from our year in 2010. Here are some pictures from the time we got to spend with Our niece's and nephew from Amy's side of the family. I will try better this year to add more pictures as we go through 2011. No promises, but I will try. I got a new calling at Church in December and im the new 1st Counselor in Young Women's im very excited about getting to work with the girls and learning from them. I want Mike to know how much I LOVE HIM! He is my WHOLE world, my EVEYRTHING, my SOULMATE and I know that it was GOD'S will that we were meant to be together. I love you baby!!!!