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Monday, May 10, 2010

My New Calling!

Hi Everyone,
Sorry I haven't been blogging for awhile. Here is what we have been up to, Mike is trying to find a job still. He works turnarounds at the Refinery but it is only temporary. Amy is just staying home and enjoying getting things done around here and I have went back to church and im really enjoying all our friends at church. I just got called to serve as the Relief Society Counselor, Visiting Teacher Cordinator, and I also do the programs for Sunday's and I decorate the bulletin board for Relief Society every month. It has a pocket for a recipe, the visiting teacher message, and the announcements. Also some of the hats have the Birthday's for this month. I also am decorating the bulletin board for our little branch and helping the primary do their's. After they saw mine Sister Harrison who is the Primary President asked me if I would help her do her's so that is what im working on. I hope everyone is doing well. Mike has been going fishing alot he really enjoys going fishing, this saturday he is taking the Scouts on a fishing trip so he is really looking forward to that! Here is some pictures from My bulletin board i will post some every month when i change my board. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!