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Saturday, August 7, 2010

~~~~~San Antonio~~~~~~

Hi Everyone,
WE had so much fun last weekend! We decided to drive up to San Antonio on Saturday and spend the day so we didn't have to spend the money on a hotel room. We sure did have alot of fun! First we went to the San Antonio LDS Temple, and we went to the distribution center. We got a lot of videos and Mike got some new scriptures I had got him some previously but the pages weren't cut all the way. We also each got a hymn book to match our scriptures so I really liked that! We also got the study manuals for the scriptures to help us understand them better. Then we went to the Riverwalk, it was really fun! We ate at The Saltgrass Steakhouse, it was so delicious! We had steak, potatoes, bread, salad, and these really yummy they call em Rattlers' they are shrimp with jalapeno on the outside then stuffed with cream cheese, and breading! So delicious! If you ever go to one it is sure a treat! Then we went on the riverwalk, then that nite we went over to Bass Pro Shop so Mike could look around! Then we went to The Palladium Theatre, went and saw Inception at the IMAX theatre. I was really loud and big, and i just think i like the little old theatre better. But we sure did have fun spending some quality time together! Here are some pictures of our Adventures.

Mike and Amy Holt