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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday, Sept. 7, 2008

Hi Everyone, well this week has been pretty busy. We have been working outside trying to get our yard to look good. We have been diggin up trees and bushes, and we also bought some flowers to plant. It has taken us a few days but we have got a lot of progress done. If you don't do it early in the morning it get's way too hot in the afternoon it has been 100 degrees with the humidity, someday I don't know why I even bother taking a shower because all you need to do is go outside for about 10 minutes and you will be wiping the sweat off your brow. But anyways, here are some pictures of our yard, im new at this but i will try to post some before and after. Also on Friday was Mike's Birthday and im always trying to sneak around him to try to surprise him. So i have been planning all week to have a little get together for his birthday it was really fun. We had his extended family over so it was fun. Amy got him the new Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock for our Nintendo WII, his mom bought him a new Weed Eater it is a 4 cycle gas trimmer so you don't have to mix the oil and gas. It is very nice, Tad and Cindy gave him a $25 Chili gift card, Steve and Cecil gave him a Craftsman Scrollsaw it is very nice, Pat and Boots gave him some treatment for our truck. So it turned out very nice and I made dinner for everybody and we had cake and ice cream. It was a very wonderful day. So I hope everyone enjoys the pictures.


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Robin Sant said...

Wow, your blog looks great. I love all of the pictures. The dogs look cute in the yard. Your yard sure looks nice, you sure can tell you have been working hard. Olivia keeps telling everyone that her Aunt Amy is coming to babysit while her dad and mom go on a boat, she can't wait......keep updating the blog, I love it.