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Monday, September 22, 2008

First Day of Fall!!!!

HI Everyone,
Well it is now officially the first day of fall, but if you were down here in South Texas you would not know it! It is 91 degrees outside and the trees are still all green! Well we are getting everything together to go back out on the road. We are very much excited though because it gives us a chance to be able to go and spend time with the rest of our family! Plus we love to go all over the country, My favorite place is to drive over in Tennessee they have the most beautiful canyons. I hope everyone is ready for the Holidays because I am. I love the Holiday time, plus I get to look forward to getting 1 more year older! HAHA Not really!!! But anyways I hope everyone has a great Holiday Season this year. I will not be blogging as much as I have been with being on the road. Mike drives the night shift and I drive the day shift but it works out pretty well!! We will be staying home this year for Christmas, and we look forward to our visit to Amy's family soon.


Robin Sant said...

I love the new blog background, it is very cute. Just a minute ago Lucy barked, she thought someone was here. Mason went running to the door saying, "aunt amy, aunt amy". I thought it was cute.

Tammy said...


I've always taught my children...when you have something good to say, say it! So...here goes...

I was just surfing blogs today and ran across you beautiful site. I very much enjoyed looking at your pictures of your lovely family and just wanted to wish you a long, wonderful, loving marriage.