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Monday, August 10, 2009

Our new addition to Our Family!

Hi Everbody,
Well I guess I should let everyone on what is going on down here in south Texas! We have decided to come off the road and stay at home. So we are in the process of looking for jobs, we love being on the road and making lots of money but we are ready for a change! So we just want everyone to know that we are going to miss you guys a ton and stoping to see everyone! We hope you guys can make it down here to Texas to see us! We have been working on our house and just starting to make all the improvements that have been needing for 2 years now. So on Sunday we went to church and so we stopped at Wal-mart on the way home and they had little 6 week old Boxers, so we had to have one of course. We named her Daisy! We love her so much, we know it is a big adjustment for the babies but they will get used to her in a few weeks! Here are some pictures! Hope everyone is doing well!




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Holly Harris said...

so cute girl. hope you are well. it looks like it. love you both!