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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Spring!!!

Hey Everyone,
We hope everyone is doing well! We are really looking forward to the weather warming up! Well it has it's pros and con's! Yes it is nice to get out of the snow for the driving but it also brings out the tornado's! So Mike surely doesn't like the springtime! But I love it.... I love seeing all the beautiful flowers changing colors! Well we have been home now for about 10 days it has really been a nice vacation! Usually we don't stay home for that long so we have really enjoyed just spending time with each other and getting things done around the house! Mike had to fix our A/C it is already pretty warm down here! It has been in the high 80's since we have been home. But we decided we were going to make a bench for our Dog's so when we are sitting out on the patio they would have a place to sit! So here is a picture, sorry it isn't very good. Our camera is having problems so I have to get it fixed next time we are home. I have also been working on some presents for Mason and Olivia. I was talking to Robin and she was telling me the kids really love to help cook so I decided to make them a little apron so I went surfing on the Internet looking for some cute ideas so here are some pictures of the aprons. I will post more when they receive them and can get some pictures from Robin after they have tried them on. I hope they really enjoy them I really had a fun time making them! Well I hope everyone is doing well! We are doing very well. I am really looking forward to summer I love to go to the beach down here in the summer so next time we come home in May it should be very warm! We hope everyone is doing well and we hope to hear from everyone soon!



Mike, Amy, Dutchess, Piglet, and Princess :P


Robin Sant said...

The bench is so cute. You really put a lot of work into it. My kids will love the aprons. They turned out super cute, I love the edging on Olivia's. Way to go Aunt Amy.

Bednar Family said...

Thanks for FINALLY updating-lol. Wow that bench is incredible! I LOVE your aprons too!!! I don't even know how to sew a straight line. You did a great job on them. Next time you come to Heber you'll have to come over and teach me how to sew. Hope you guys are safe during tornado season. We'll be thinking of you.

Bednar Family said...

Thanks for the compliment. I love reading about your family too so thanks for blogging :) I can't believe how busy you are. You're always making a project of some kind! Are you working or do you stay home? I think you told me once but I forgot. I would totally love to meet up when you come to Utah. Do you guys have anything planned yet? Let me know and I'll arrange everything so that I can see you. We sooo need to catch up!

Holly Harris said...

I love your pink blog, Happy Spring to you guy's too. sounds like life has been good, that's what I love to hear! well love you!